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Accident and Emergency

Emergency department nurses are specially trained to assess and manage emergencies such as life- or limb-threatening illness or injuries (as well as minor injuries).

We offer a variety of permanent, locum and temporary contracts for Accident and Emergency Staff and Operating Practitioners in the UK and beyond.

At Care Providers we are proud of the strong relationships we have built with our clients. These allow us to focus on their core requirements and deliver on our promises.

We have a dedicated staff with years of industry experience and we offer an extensive range of individually tailored solutions to workforce issues, such as staffing a new service in full with permanent employees and providing a relief panel (managed in full) to cover unforeseen or planned absences.

Job Summary:

- Assess patients, planning and the implementation of care in Accident & Emergency (A&E) departments.
- Provide advice and guidance and maintain records.
- Fulfil nursing procedures.
- Be prepared to provide clinical supervision and leadership to staff and/or students.
- Ensure all work complies with codes of practice and professional guidelines.

Patients in a hospital setting:

- Registered on the appropriate part of the NMC register for the assignment.
- Assignments in adult areas RN (Adult) / RN1/ RN2.
- Assignments in child areas RN (Child) / RN8.
- Assess, plan, implement & evaluate care programmes.
- Excellent interpersonal skills within interdisciplinary teams and across disciplines and agencies.
- Effective communication skills (written, non-verbal & verbal).
- Ability to work well as a full team member.
- Ability to make decisions, to use own initiative and to be self-motivated.
- Ability to manage and prioritise workload (including those of others) and allocate duties to meet the needs of patients and to meet A&E targets.
- Supervise and train junior staff.
- Time management and delegation skills.
- IT skills.
- Ability to function to a high standard in stressful situations and to respond to challenging environments.
- Maintain accurate and complete records of your own assessments, the care and treatment delivered and the effectiveness of that care.

Competent and effective clinical nursing skills include:
- The ability to record a ECG IV cannulation, IV additives and administration of IV medicines (it is vital to have had the appropriate training and assessment at the authority where the assignment is taking place before being authorised to carry out these tasks at that authority).
- The safe utilisation of patient equipment (including infusion devices).
- Basic life support and the effective care of wounds.
- Ensuring patients and relatives are treated with respect and dignity at all times.
- Understand clinical governance and how this affects nursing care.
- Understand confidentiality principles and how to store and manage information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Know when information given to them in confidence must be shared with a manager or members of staff.
- An awareness and understanding of issues, up-to-date protocols and policies that relate to protection of vulnerable adults and children.
- Be sensitive and responsive to the race, culture, religion, age, disability, gender and sexuality of the person receiving care, their relatives and representatives.
- Ensure your actions support equality, diversity, rights and maintain high standards.
- Understand and follow the Agency’s and authority’s policies for reporting concerns, responding to incidents, seeking guidance and complaints handling.
- Comply at all times with health and safety regulations and take responsibility for health and safety with regards to yourself and others at all times.
- Work in accordance with the NMC Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics for Nurses and Midwives.
- To recognise and work within the limits of your own professional competence and deliver care based on best available evidence and best practice.

Our service includes:
- Permanent, locum and contract staffing options. 24/7 on-call service is also available.
- Cover for annual leave, sick leave or high staffing demands as a result of increased service demand and provision.
- Training courses.
- The comprehensive pre-employment vetting of candidates (this includes Garda and UK police checks).
- Our team of payroll support staff.
- All the staff we provide are vetted in full through an extensive Buying Solutions compliance procedure.

For all queries call our dedicated A&E Team on 020 8498 6834 or e-mail

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