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Care Providers have always been committed to the highest levels of ethics in business. We follow strict policies developed to ensure employers and jobseekers have access to the best standards in recruitment.

Care Providers' management team review our ethical policies on an annual basis. This forms an important pillar of our commitment to upholding ethics in recruitment.

Recruitment Standards

Our aim is to enhance the reputation of the recruitment profession by maintaining high standards at every level of our business. We place great emphasis on fairness and honesty and avoid activities which would bring the industry into disrepute.

Continuing Professional Knowledge
We are always looking to update and enhance our professional knowledge and skills. We aim to facilitate staff training and improvement to ensure this process is ongoing.

Recruitment Solutions

Out mission is to identify the needs of our clients and then provide the best possible solution to meet those needs. We will do everything that is reasonably practicable to facilitate this.

We comply fully with legislation and regulation as it affects the recruitment industry and process and do not collude with clients who knowingly circumvent the law or standards of ethical recruitment practice.

We seek to act with the integrity and honesty at all times. We operate according to due diligence and the appropriate behaviour that can be expected of recruitment professionals.

Recruitment Practice

We encourage recruitment practices that are in accordance with all UK anti-discrimination law.


Care Providers always respect the confidentiality our clients and candidates. We never send a CV to a client without the permission of the candidate. We do not put a candidate forward for a vacancy until we have sent them a thorough job description and discussed the details of the position. As part of our commitment to confidentiality, we also ask candidates and clients not to disclose the information we provide to another party. We request that candidates do not use the information we provide to make applications to clients outside the formal recruitment process.


The accuracy of the information and advice given to clients and candidates is of paramount importance to us. This commitment helps ensure due diligence.


We do all we can to ensure that every task we undertake is within our levels of skills, experience and qualifications.

We will report to the appropriate regulatory body any company that breaks a regulation or law related to the recruitment industry.

We strive to update and improve our service regularly. We listen to the needs and aspirations of clients and candidates and may question and advise in order to improve this understanding.

We believe that keeping our promises is a vital part of our business. If we make a commitment to you we endeavour to keep it, while being as honest and transparent as possible.

Treating Everyone With Respect
We judge the suitability of assignments for candidates without regard to gender, age, disability, religion, ethnicity or national origin.

Professional Representation
We respect and understand the philosophies of the client companies we work. We are as proud to sell these companies to candidates as we are to sell our own.

Maintaining Contact with you
We maintain regular contact with clients and candidates at all stages of the interview and recruitments process. We discuss the progress of applications and screening interviews before submitting candidates. This communication is as important for us as it is for you, so we are grateful for a prompt response when we make contact with you.

Promotion of our Services

Our promotional materials are a fair representation of Care Providers' services.

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