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Intensive Care Unit

This is a specialist field involving complex and challenging nursing skills and environments and is an aspiration for many nurses. Intensive Care Unit Nurses utilise advanced skills in the care of critically ill patients and those at high risk from life-threatening health issues.

We offer a variety of permanent, locum and temporary contracts for Intensive Care Staff in the UK and beyond.

At Care Providers we are proud of the strong relationships we have built with our clients. These allow us to focus on their core requirements and deliver on our promises.

We have a dedicated staff with years of industry experience and we offer an extensive range of individually tailored solutions to workforce issues, such as staffing a new service in full with permanent employees and providing a relief panel (managed in full) to cover unforeseen or planned absences.

A nurse must administer immediate and vital intensive care to patients who have suffered a heart attack, stroke, shock, severe trauma, respiratory distress and other severe medical problems. Critical care nurses are skilled at providing this level of care in environments where patients will receive complex assessments and treatment.

Critical care nurse duties and responsibilities include:
- Assessing the condition of patients and planning and implementing plans for the appropriate care.
- Providing advanced life support.
- Assisting physicians during procedures.
- The observation of patients and recording status and vital signs.
- Making sure that ventilators, monitors and other medical equipment are functioning properly.
- The administration of intravenous medications and fluids.
- Ordering diagnostic tests.
- Working with colleagues in the critical care team.
- Employing the highest standards and protocols for treatment in response to life-saving situations.
- Functioning as an advocate for patients.
- The education and support of patient families.

Nurses in this field sometimes care for pre- and post-operative patients. Some serve as case managers and policy makers, and others fulfil administrative duties.

Skills required of Critical Care Nurses

Intensive Care Unit Nurses must be proficient in a broad range of high-level skills. They are required to be experts in evaluating patients, administering care, identifying complications and co-ordinating with other members of the critical care team. To reach the highest standards, critical care nurses should also possess excellent interpersonal communication and leadership skills, strategic planning, critical thinking and decision-making abilities.

Our full service consists of:

- Permanent, locum and contract staffing options. 24/7 on-call service is also available.
- Cover for annual leave, sick leave or high staffing demands as a result of increased service demand and provision.
- Training courses.
- The comprehensive pre-employment vetting of candidates (this includes Garda and UK police checks).
- Our team of payroll support staff.
- All the staff we provide are vetted in full through an extensive Buying Solutions compliance procedure.

For all queries call our dedicated ITU Team on 020 8498 6837 or e-mail

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