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When your consent is required, you can accept, refuse or personalise your choices The show is jam-packed with drama
At the center of the piece is the Shadow Fold, a stretch of dangerous landing splitting the kingdom of Ravka down the middle Assane certainly has the skills of a master thief, but pursuing his revenge turns out to be far more dangerous and complicated than he anticipated

There have been seven seasons to date, but Netflix only has season 7, which was filmed at the Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories of Canada.

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However, Outlander, based on the series of best-selling novels, made time travel romantic and even sexy
The 100+ Best TV Dramas On Netflix Right Now, Ranked By Fans
Kim's Convenience is about the Korean-Canadian experience, but it also feels geared towards a Korean-Canadian audience
Best TV Comedy Shows
Iris Apatow is a standout as the unhappy child actress Gus tutors who gets away with just about anything
Jacob battle, and friendships with her two BFFs, she also has to grapple with the loss of her father and pitfalls of high school hierarchy Netflix As teen comedy-dramas go, On My Block treads the pavement at the head of the pack
Into this world steps Takeshi Kovacs Joel Kinnaman , a former soldier who has spent the last 250 years in cold storage And when that goes wrong, Marty packs up his wife, Wendy Laura Linney , and their kids for an abrupt move to the Ozarks — where he proceeds to set up an even more dangerous money laundering operation

Marty Byrde Jason Bateman had a scheme to launder money for a Mexican drug cartel.

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Anne is joyous, funny, and ultimately a delightful exploration of teenage life
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Someone who raises money for cats in need? Fran has lived in New York a long time, and people know that so they come up to her to ask her about the city
The 100+ Best TV Dramas On Netflix Right Now, Ranked By Fans
Created by: Simon George, Matthew Booi Cast: Masayoshi Haneda, Masami Kosaka, Hideaki Itô, Hayate Masao Number of seasons: 1 Breaking Bad Walter White Bryan Cranston is a high-school chemistry teacher diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer