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We can certainly understand your concern and can help provide some insight It premiered on March 22, 2016
Open the browser and enter to replay As of late 2019, users also have the ability to access the full version of Apple Music through an Apple-designed in beta

Here, they'll find the playlist with the 100 songs they've listened to most ranked in order.

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To find your Apple Music Replay 2020 year-in-review, simply head to in Safari on your device
How To Find & Use Your Apple Music Replay 2021 Playlist
Apple Music Replay uses your own listening history, along with other factors, to calculate your top songs, albums, and artists throughout the year
How to Find Your Apple Music Replay 2020, Because Spotify Can't Have All the Fun
Tips: If you don't see 'Get Your Replay Mix', it probably because that you haven't played enough music
Once the process is done, you can follow the red spot to visit the local music catalog Replay gives you all sorts of interesting statistics about your 2019 listening habits
There are multiple other factors that can influence your Replay Apple Music, including the tracks in your Apple Music library, the songs you played with logging in your Apple ID, the amount of time and plays spent enjoying the particular track or album, etc We'll still do some stuff with the occasional artist


Here’s How to Access Your Yearly Apple Music Replay Playlists
In 2020, Apple Music sealed deals with , and for further promotion and streaming allowance of songs from artists on the labels including , and
‎Country Replay Radio on Apple Music
The converted Apple audios will not expire after your Apple subscription ends
How To Find & Use Your Apple Music Replay 2021 Playlist
If a song soundtracked a meaningful moment in your life, either in your recent past or a lifetime ago, there's a good chance it's still relevant to you