Walk at home. Calorie burn per Mile?

Each month, receive a new set of workouts curated by the Walk at Home Team Her philosophy is simple: Our bodies were made to move, and we can Walk our way to health and wellness!
Leslie holds eight fitness certifications from organizations including The American College of Sports Medicine and Cooper Institute Thanks for the great questions! AGE, GENDER, your WEIGHT, your EFFORT INTENSITY , your FITNESS level, HORMONES, some GENETICS …

SPECIFICALLY DEVELOPED TO GET YOU MOVING! I am so thrilled that you WALK my friends! Leslie is a wife and mother of three, and loves to cook, eat and WALK! Each day is planned out for you.

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About The Nation's #1 Walking Brand
Leslie Sansone is an internationally recognized fitness expert and creator of the Walk at Home fitness program
About The Nation's #1 Walking Brand
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Our walks always move at a brisk pace — we design the speed miles per hour of the walk by the beats per minute of the music — if you keep the pace of our walk and follow the arm movements at full intensity … you can burn at least 100 calories per mile … your body weight will determine if it will be a bit under this amount a lighter body weight will burn less calories … Remember you can always SWIPE RIGHT or LEFT and CHOOSE ANY WORKOUT YOU WANT! It has now grown into the 1 in-home walking program worldwide


Calorie burn per Mile?
Calorie burn per Mile?
About The Nation's #1 Walking Brand