Pierre cardin חולצות. Pierre Cardin Wristwatches for sale

Silver is a precious material, giving these watches added value His parents were wealthy wine merchants, but lost their fortune in World War I
It was daring and outlandish design "with some of the wildest fabrics and patterns ever seen in any American car" He claimed to be involved in every one of the 800-plus items, sold in 140 countries, that would bear his name

The lunar look by Pierre Cardin, 1968.

חולצת T צווארון וי PIERRE CARDIN
In 1995, quotes from WWD included "Pierre Cardin—he has sold his name for toilet paper
The boy was fascinated by architecture, but at 17 he was apprenticed to a tailor in Vichy, serving his time there before reaching Paris in 1944, where he joined the couture firm of Paquin
Pierre Cardin Wristwatches for sale
In 1979 and 1980, "Maxim's Fleurs" and "Maxim's Fruits" shops opened
Cardin founded his own fashion house in 1950 During his much-photographed relationship with the actor , at the height of her fame, he designed her outfits: the pictures show them as unflattering, even unsympathetic
After a break of 15 years, he showed a new collection to a group of 150 journalists at his bubble home in As haute couture began to decline, 'prêt-à-porter' soared as well as Cardin's designs

The symbiosis between brand publicity and personal appearances, plus restless curiosity, took Cardin and his collections to China, the US, Russia — where he opened a boutique as early as 1981 — India, Pakistan and Australia, and across.

He was the first couturier to turn to Japan as a high fashion market when he travelled there in 1957
Pierre Cardin
A straight-cut design was favored by
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His career was launched when he designed about 30 of the costumes for a in Venice, hosted by in 1951